Long overdue! I really wish I took before and after photos to compare.

I decided to have a visit with Dr.Ravi In November 2018, My best decision ever!. My life has truly changed since then.

I went with the 6 week HCG program. Yes it’s a tough and very restrictive diet, But It’s worth it. It takes a lot of self-determination and self-control to stay committed, but with the help of Dr. Ravi , she makes it much easier.

My weekly weigh-ins really helped with her knowledge and tips to make the process easier. Having that one on one time with her every week really helped me learn and above all be accountable for my choices. In the 6 week time span I was able to lose 31 lbs.

In the following 4 months after the diet I still have manages to lose another 5 lbs with no effort. She has truly opened MY EYES. I am now more educated in what I eat and probably more importantly how much I consume.

I really feel great now, more energized and better able to keep up with my 4 yr old plus Shopping for new clothes is soo rewarding now! Thank you Dr. Ravi for changing my life!!