You have change my life… Dr. Ravi I originally though I couldn’t make it.

The change was drastic but after the first 2 weeks losing 13 pounds I realize it was possible to reach my goal. I’ve tried different product, different ways but certainly you program works.

I am more active and the fact I have 3 children that know I am able to keep up with is great. I was a size 18 and was depressed. Know I am a size 12. Your program help me get on the right track.

I continue to eat healthy and exercised and I just set a new goal. I want to be a size 10. Thank you without your encouragement and your sincerity I wouldn’t have done it. Don’t change your method or your attitude. Everywhere I go I speak of your program, and would recommend any one to try it, but I also I warned people if you’re not ready to be committed it won’t work…

I have attach some pictures and I don’t mind if you share my story… lots of love and high regards,

Glenda Mcswan